I said in my post What is an androgyne anyway? take 2 that “If you try to define me using male and female terms you will be confused. I’m both equally, which as I said in my entry My gender isn’t pangender, it’s other combines to make me something else in its own right.” I figured out a great way to describe that.

Most MTFs in the Transgender community are a mix of male and female. But, and maybe this is truer of more people than I think, my mix is a little different. It’s like how a water molecule is made up of hydrogen and oxygen but you can’t treat it like it’s sometimes hydrogen and sometimes it’s oxygen. If you think of it like that you’ll be very confused about what a water molecule is. You have to think of it as something unique.

You can’t treat me like I’m sometimes male and sometimes female. You have to treat me as a unique identity. Otherwise I may not make any sense. I’m transgendered but I don’t have a female persona and I consider myself male. I’m never crossdressing no matter what I wear, even if I’m wearing a mix of men’s and women’s clothes. I don’t wear a wig, breast forms, or makeup. I have a beard and moustache and I don’t shave any other part of my body either. I have absolutely no desire to present as fully female. All of which makes perfect sense if you think of me as an androgyne.

One final comment about knowing I’m transgendered and that my gender is other yet I consider myself a man. It’s not that I’m ignoring the man behind the curtain (that’s a Wizard of Oz reference) aka being transgendered. It’s just that most of the time I forget he’s even in the room. Wait, I’m transgendered aren’t I. It’s that normal to me and I’m that comfortable in my own skin.

Photo by Ferenc Almasi on Unsplash