I suddenly remembered this after not really thinking about it for years. The superhero team I created in my teens was actually both a clue that I’m an androgyne and that I knew myself pretty well. I didn’t come up with names for them or for their team but here’s their origin story.

One day a man and a woman were exploring the remote jungles of Africa when they were captured by an evil witch doctor. He fused them into one person who had all the traits of both of them. They were finally rescued by a good witch doctor.

The witch doctor managed to separate them back into themselves but he couldn’t separate their minds completely. They could still remember very clearly how it felt and what they thought when they were joined but they couldn’t remember what it felt like before that. Not only were they now telepathically linked but they could each take over each other’s bodies if one of them had knowledge that the other needed. The one who’s body was currently taken over was still very aware of what was going on and they could communicate with their minds.

The witch doctor had special suits made for them that showed whether they were currently separate or one of them was the dominant mind in the other. When they were separate their disks were solid colors. His was purple (this was before I knew that blue and pink make purple) and hers was pink. When he was controlling her body the top half of her disk was purple and the bottom half was pink. When she was controlling his body the top half of his disk was pink and the bottom half was purple.

The witch doctor trained them to be physically and mentally much more powerful than most people. When he knew they were ready he told them that it was up to them to capture the evil witch doctor and make sure he never again hurt anybody. When they had done this the witch doctor encouraged them to go back to their home and protect the people from evil doers.

Looking back I can see both my life as it was up to that point and the way I desperately wanted to be. When I was growing up I didn’t feel like I was both a boy and a girl, I was just me. When I reached puberty and started separating my likes and desires into a male and female half, they were both still very much in control at the same time, just like when one of them would take control of the other’s body. Unlike them though I wished the evil witch doctor would fuse me back into one person. Which is exactly how I am now.

Photo by Lauren Rader on Unsplash