Although there were definite signs very early that I’m an androgyne, the first time I discovered that I’m transgendered will stay with me forever. When I was about 11 we were watching a special on TV about what things were like on an actual cruise ship. This was when The Love Boat was very popular. I can only remember this one segment but you’ll understand why.

They picked two passengers, a man and a woman, to do something special at lunch one day. They had the man duck under a side table and stick his head through a hole they cut in it. Then they put a silver plate cover over his head. When the other passengers came for lunch they removed the plate cover and said he was the head table. Folks, I was 11 and that joke was extremely lame.

They put the woman in a lemon yellow string bikini. Then they had her lie on her side, propping her head up in her hand, her arm resting on her elbow. They put a thick sheet of transparent plastic over her and covered her with finger foods. At first the passengers were hesitant to take the food but soon they dove right in. I remember thinking it wasn’t fair that she got to do that and I didn’t. For a literally a few minutes I honestly said “but I’m just a kid”. Eventually it dawned on me that I was a boy. Even if I was 18 they weren’t going to put me in a string bikini and have me do what she did. That was also the day I discovered girls. Yes, I’m truly an androgyne.

Photo by Dan Kb on Unsplash