If you’ve ever been to the Wix hosted site Life In Purple you’ll recognize these posts, word for word. Well, there’s a very good reason for that.

I moved from Wix to FreeHostingNoAds and changed the name to Living Purple. I also changed my name here from Amber Dolan to Casey Morgan Twitchings. You see, I’m not a woman and I don’t have a female persona. So I changed my username on Crossdresser Heaven to be something unisex which is perfect for an androgyne. I used to go by Casey Morgan Travers because some site (it was too many years ago for me to remember which) said that Travers means dweller at the crossroads. It turns out they were wrong.

So I recently did a Bing search (yes Bing; Google can go jump off a pier) on the meaning and Twitchings was the variant I liked the best. It really means dweller at the place where two roads met. That’s perfect for someone who lives where male and female meet.

Photo by Ferenc Almasi on Unsplash